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Who you gonna pick? Election Day is coming!

I am always so impressed when people put up their hand to volunteer for public service. This year Cory Campbell (5-yer seat) Ben Greenfield (1-year seat) are running uncontested for the Planning Board. Alex Carlisle and Katherine Evans are running uncontested for the Library Trustee seats.

My statement is here:

The only contested seats are two - 3 year Select Board seats. Stephanie Boyd (that's me!), Andy Hogeland and Paul Harsch are in the running. The 2 candidates with the most votes will join Randy Fippinger, Jeff Johnson, and Jane Patton on the board. Unfortunately, Andi Bryant has withdrawn from the race, but you'll still see her name on the ballot.

Willinet has filmed our introductory remarks. Thank you Willi! Some of us had a lot fewer words than others.

All the candidate statements can be found on Willinet. Here's your link!

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