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Click on the links to access monthly newsletters.  If you've missed one or you want to go back to previous newsletter, I've included them here.

Newsletter #10   May 7, 2024       Springtime in Williamstown

Newsletter #9    April 17, 2024     Town Meeting Warrant, Town Flag and Mountain Bike Trails

Newsletter #8    Feb 22, 2024       150 years of books, Dog Leashing, Net Zero and Peace

Newsletter #7    Feb 5, 2024         CPC recommendations, aggregation, up-coming elections 

Newsletter #6    Jan 26, 2024        skatepark proposal, charter review, energy saving

Newsletter #5    Dec 18, 2023        Remedy Hall, Pat McLeod, Williamstown Rural Lands, Town Meeting/Election schedule

Newsletter #4   Nov 10, 2023        Comprehensive Plan, Composting, MGRS Athletic Field

Newsletter #3   Sept. 19, 2023       Net Zero Planning, Town Boards, Tax Classification

Newsletter #2   Aug. 22, 2023       trees on Mohican Recreational Path, Community Chest fun run, Property Tax

Newsletter #1   Aug.3, 2023          new signs in Town Hall, National Night Out, Community Conversation

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