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Updated: Mar 24, 2023

photo credit: Cecilia Hirsch

We all look for different things when we are choosing a candidate to vote for. It's not easy to imagine how things are going to play out during a 3-year term in office - what issues are going to bubble up, how the board is going to work together, what the future holds?

Individually we may have differing values and concerns but we have a collective desire to build a promising future for our families and our community.

Here are some things to consider about me as you head to the polls on MAY 9, 2023

My promise:

I will work hard to thoroughly understand the issues we are facing. I will listen to you and all of our community to understand the impact of decisions from all perspectives. I will diligently investigate issues. I will be forthright and straightforward in my communication. I will represent you.

And my experience --

Municipal engagement:

I've been a member of several Town committees over the past 20 years.

  • COOL Committee

  • Hoosic River Watershed Association

  • Conservation Commission

  • Planning Board

  • Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee

I've worked on zoning bylaws about housing and economic development. I've helped the Town save energy through leading the effort to upgrade street lighting, and helping with Cool Committee's Solarize Mass program. I've participated in the protection of the Hoosic River and it's watershed through my work on the Conservation Commission and HooRWA. I've supported the fire station design team reach for net zero goals. I'm co-chairing our Town's Comprehensive Plan - Envisioning Williamstown 2035.

I've developed strong working relationships with Town staff and others involved with Town governance. I've got the experience to understand how all our systems work together. I'm ready to hit the ground running.

Breadth of experience:

Outside of Town governance, I've worked in a variety of fields that have provided me with experiences that will be useful at the Select Board table.

I managed facility operations at Williams College so I'm familiar with capital planning and management of infrastructure (roads, fields, water and sewer, utilities).

As a civil engineer, I have designed subdivisions, roads and water and sewer projects. I've acted as Owner's Project Representative on civil engineering projects.

I've been a management consultant helping oil and gas, telecommunications and agri-business companies assess their information technology strategy. I implemented a work management system for maintenance planning.

I've managed environmental assessments for a multinational railroad. I helped a food processing factory in Eastern Europe develop a business strategy in a market economy.

I'm able to get up to speed quickly on technical and infrastructure planning challenges for the Town.

Enthusiasm, Collaboration and Compassion:

I am enthusiastic about helping my community reach its fullest potential.

When faced with a challenge I approach it from every angle. I talk to people. I research and read. I analyze. I question. The most important issues we will face on the Select Board will be multi-faceted and complex. I will dig deep to get a full understanding of all of the implications.

Important work doesn't happen without the active involvement of many. I am so grateful for all the teams that I have been engaged with in Williamstown and beyond - sharing our skills and knowledge and abilities. I understand that collaboration is key to success. I look forward to working with you!

The Select Board, at its core, represents our community. You ask us to think about issues that impact us as individuals and as a community. You ask us to be stewards of our land and the physical resources that support our way of life. Residents turn to the Board for explanations, for support, and for understanding.

My compassion for you and our community, our environment and our region will underly my work.

I've been listening to and supporting our community for many years. I'd like to continue to serve you.

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