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net zero - we got this!

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

photo credit: Berkshire Eagle

At 2021 Town Meeting, Williamstown resolved to pursue a net zero greenhouse gas emissions goal, consistent with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts climate goals.

Since then, a team of community members have joined together with the COOL Committee to draft an action plan. Big thanks go out to this task force and especially to Nancy Nylen and Wendy Penner who have been spearheading this effort. The timing couldn't be better as we will be able to incorporate this work into our Town's Comprehensive Plan. More on that later.

The Net Zero Road Map will be considering ways to reduce energy usage, assessing how to electrify our current fossil fuel driven systems in buildings, homes and vehicles. creating the pathways to more clean renewable energy, among many other initiatives.

We are also working to be more systematic about incorporating net zero planning into our municipal decisions, planning and procurement processes.

Williamstown is off to great start as so many green initiatives have already been undertaken in our community.

In February 2023, our community came together to commit to financing our new fire station that is designed to be carbon neutral. All power needs for the building will be provided by on-site solar!

Other recent Town initiatives include the installation of LED street lights and controls, and a 2-megawatt solar array at the Town's landfill installed in 2017. Our Town also participates in a municipal utility aggregation program that brings greener, less expensive electricity to our residents.

It will take all of us (Town Hall, citizens, our business community, the arts and education communities, along with regional and state agencies) to develop the skills and resources we will need to reach our goals.

With creativity and perseverance -- I am confident we will get there. I look forward to being part of this work.

Let's go!

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